The unexpected astrograph

When I started taking pictures of the night sky and of its objects, my instruments of choice were short refractors and camera lenses. I also had my small Meade 2045D SCT, but it was kept somewhat on the backburner, my refractors and camera lenses being both "faster" and of shorter focal length, and hence more … Continue reading The unexpected astrograph

Pictures: Star Clusters

A selection of my images of globular and open clusters. Globular Cluster M3 - 48x30s exposure with Strartravel-80 and EOS 1300D.   Globular Cluster M5 - 71x20s exposures With Meade 2045D and Canon EOS 1300D. Globular Cluster M13 - 45x60s exposures with Tamron 135 mm F2.8 Globular Cluster M13 - 156x20s exposures with Meade 2045D … Continue reading Pictures: Star Clusters